Mitsubishi Outlander contender for car of the year

David Walshe


David Walshe


Mitsubishi Outlander contender for car of the year


The 48 contenders has just been released for the 2020 Continental Irish Car of the Year awards with the winner to be announced on Thursday November 7.

It is a fiercely contested competition and from the seasoned Irish Motoring journalists a worthy winner usually emerges.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is vying with others for the Green/Environmental gong. I’ve been driving it this last while and have been seduced by it as an overall package. It is comprehensively equipped and in S-Edition trim there isn’t an option I can think of that is missing.

It has 4WD capability with commercial as well as private appeal. It is keenly priced and for the money I’m beginning to wonder if there is a better all-round car.

Throw into the mix the fact t is a plug-in electric hybrid and the green box is ticked. I can safely say the car is good for 40kms of pure electric, mixed driving including a 120km/hr session on the motorway.

If your daily round trip is 80km then it’s possible to effect entirely on electricity if you can charge your car at work during the day. That means all electric commute driving with the peace of mind that you can tackle a much longer journey using the 2.4l cc petrol engine if necessary. It is a softer route to all electric driving for the sceptical.

The crowning glory of the Outlander is super quiet, serene driving that would challenge a Trappist monk to match. The Outlander is possibly the quietest car I’ve driven and very comfortable. I couldn’t hear road or wind noise and the only sound to confirm you are in a motorised vehicle is when the engine kicks in.

I got adaptive cruise control, touchscreen infotainment, heated driver’s seat (no memory). Also missing was a simple knob for volume control. The trip information should also be capable of being selected from, ideally, the heated steering wheel.

The performance of the car is not found wanting and when in pure electric mode it is very pokey that can be turned up even more when Sport mode is selected. I managed just under 8ltrs/100kms with intermittent full charging of the batteries. The energy recovery facility helps as well in saving some fuel.

The Outlander is a very refined car proving to be very popular here in Ireland. It’ll be had to overlook when voting commences for Car of the Year.

Under the Hood

Model Tested: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Engine: Petrol, 2,360cc, 135PS, 211Nm

0-100km/hr: 10.5s

Top Speed: 170km/hr

Combined Fuel Consumption: 2.0l/100kms

Model Tested: €47,500

Prices from: €39,900