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The Dundalk Democrat has served the people of Dundalk and Louth since 1849. Since then it has been living up to its name, with a cherished reputation as the local paper of record. We also have one of the most popular news websites in area. We are active across social media, with popular Facebook and Twitter pages.
Our news gathering team has always been at the heart of community life, with unrivaled coverage of local news and sport, breaking exclusives and providing in-depth coverage of the latest Dundalk news.
From our offices at 16b Williamsons Mall we produce an unrivaled local newspaper which hits the street every Tuesday morning.

Dundalk Democrat

16b Williamsons Mall, Dundalk, Ireland
Phone: 042-9334058
Twitter: @DundalkDemocrat
Facebook: DundalkDemocrat
Twitter: @DemocratSport


Phone: 042-9334058

Advertising Department

Phone: 042-9334058
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Editorial Contacts:


Michelle O'Keeffe

Phone: 042-9334058/086-6064285


Patrick Flaherty

Phone: 042-9334058/085-8884500


Tadgh McNally

Phone: 042-9334058

Do you have a news story or picture for us?

If you have a news story please contact the newsdesk on 042-9334058 (Mon-Fri) or e-mail Please include your name and a telephone number we can contact you on. If you would like to send us a picture of a local event or occasion, please email Please include detailed caption information, along with your name and a telephone number we can contact you on. You can also submit your stories or pictures directly via our Send Us Your News on our website.

Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor intended for publication can be submitted by hard copy, but e-mail is preferable. We invite readers to send their letter on any subject - however, local issues will have preference other those submitted on other topics. Letters should be limited to a maximum of 300 words and we reserve the right to edit your submission. You must state your name and address in all correspondence whether submitted in hard or electronic format. If you wish for us to withhold your name and/or address, you must state your reason and we will consider this. However no letter will be published which does not hold the sender's name and address. Please include a day time telephone number for us to contact you on, should we need to do so. For emails, please observe the same rules of punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc, as you would when writing in more traditional fashion. To submit your letter via e-mail (preferred), please send it to: Alternatively, please send it to: Letters to the Editor, Dundalk Democrat, 16b Williamsons Mall, Dundalk, Ireland.

Photograph Sales

Copies of pictures taken by our photographers can be ordered from our office at Dundalk Democrat, 16b Williamsons Mall, Dundalk, Ireland or by calling 042-9334058.