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Cosgrove family ‘delighted’ to have Liam’s trophy back following online campaign

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Caoimhín Reilly


Caoimhín Reilly



Cosgrove family ‘delighted’ to have Liam’s trophy back following online campaign

Baile Talún captains receiving the Liam Cosgrove trophy from the late County Minor Board chairman Brendan Carthy following their U14 B championship final victory over Roche Emmets at Darver in 2009.

The hunt for the Liam Cosgrove Memorial Cup was ended recently, the trophy having been located following a well-supported search campaign.

Liam was just 16 when he died in 1989. A talented Gaelic and soccer player, a cup was put forward by the family in his memory, but went missing in the last decade.

Ahead of the 30th anniversary of the Dunleer man’s passing, a query as to its location turned into a social media hunt headed by LMFM’s Colm Corrigan.

Westerns clubwoman Catherine Scriven was the gong’s finder, her son, Ciarán, having co-skippered the successful Baile Talún U14 team that were last winners of the prize, in the 2009 B championship final vs Roche.

And, typically, there is a fascinating story.

“My son was joint-captain and when they were coming home from Darver that night, they were waving the cup out the window, but before we got into Tallanstown all they had in their hand was the handle,” Catherine told The Democrat.

“We had to turn around and go back to pick up the cup out of the ditch.

“A few days later my husband took it away and got it repaired. We ended up having it repaired about five times and every time it would go to someone’s house it would come back with the handle missing.

“He had it soldered, glued and (Ciarán) even took it into the metalwork class in the Community School in Ardee to try and get it fixed, but the handle was determined not to go back on.

“It was down in the Westerns for a while and when the clubrooms were being done-up, my son took it home. He had it upstairs and about six or eight months ago we had a big clean out. The whole lot was put in a box and moved into the garage.”

Catherine was away when the online campaign got underway, but, sure, it couldn’t be the trophy in the garage, she thought, until she sent her daughter to have a look.

‘Liam’ was the only inscription she could make out, but a night spent with a scrubbing brush saw her determine that this was, in fact, the sought after silverware.

A mutual acquaintance of the families, Gráinne Teefy, was the link as the trophy was successfully reunited with the Cosgroves last week.

“We’ll be celebrating his 30th anniversary in September and we’re delighted that we’ve got the cup back for that,” Liam’s mother, Mary, said.

“I just thought that I’d like to see it coming back to the club. At one stage I said to one of the chaps in the club (Lannléire) that I hadn’t seen it in ages, it’s about 10 years since the County Board rang me to see if we’d mind if they put the cup up (for winning).

“I got it back last week and the Co. Board have it now, they’re going to do it up. The Co. Board actually said that they’d be interested in keeping it and giving it out for the U16s because Liam was just 16 when he was killed.”

Mary was keen to stress the important role Patsy Carroll played in the cup’s return, given that he followed up her original query.