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Darren Bishop in talks with Louth LGFA County Board over extending his time at the helm

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Caoimhín Reilly


Caoimhín Reilly



Darren Bishop in talks with Louth LGFA County Board over extending his time at the helm

Darren Bishop took over the Louth LGFA senior manager's job midway through the year. (Pic: Arthur Kinahan)

Talks are continuing between Darren Bishop and the Louth LGFA County Board over whether the Monaghan man will remain as senior team manager for 2019.

Bishop led the Reds to September’s All-Ireland junior final and a Leinster title in his three months in charge following the death of previous boss Mícheál McKeown.

After the Croke Park defeat to Limerick, the 30-year-old said that he would take time to consider his future before meeting with the county’s executive, a get-together which took place in the last week.

While coy on committing himself to the role, Bishop admitted that advanced talks have taken place and a decision was close.

“There’ll definitely be a decision made in the coming weeks,” Bishop told The Democrat.

“I haven’t said anything or been speaking to any of the players, but the year is starting very soon and I would envisage that whoever takes over will be starting in the third week in November.”

The Cremartin clubman attended both the senior and intermediate club finals, and three of the four semi-finals, since the county team’s glory tilt ended on September 16. However, he denies that this was a sign of his intention to remain at the helm.

“I promised the girls that I would keep a very keen interest in the competitions, which I did, and let’s say the games gave me food for thought.

“If I were to be involved again, I would really hope that players that I did see, you’d love to have them involved in a Louth senior set-up; there is definitely talent out there.

“I’d love to amend what happened against Limerick, but would that be the biggest draw?, definitely not, it would be for the group of players, they’re fantastic. 

“There was a night on Friday for Mary, Mícheál’s wife,  just a small presentation and it showed me the humility of the girls, the way they were with Mary and the respect they showed. Mary even said it herself that it was incredible to have 27 or 28 girls there.”

He added: “Going to Croke Park and being beaten in that way, the girls would be very disappointed, just like myself.

“We made fantastic progress last year, reaching three finals, winning one of them. You’re looking at this year, and Mícheál would have said it last year, Division Four is a big priority, I don’t think Louth have ever got out of Division Four.

“Anyone that is beaten like that at Croke Park would always like to get a second chance at it and amend what went wrong, but there’d be no guarantee that you’d be going back to Croke Park and that you’d win.”