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Last night's Louth County Board meeting was "the funeral" of the Gaelic Grounds project

County Board meeting

Caoimhín Reilly


Caoimhín Reilly



Last night's Louth County Board meeting was "the funeral" of the Gaelic Grounds project

Darver Centre of Excellence.

"We are where we are," was a phrase willingly bandied from wall-to-wall at Darver on Wednesday night, while County Board chairman Des Halpenny said that he considered the meeting "the funeral" of the Gaelic Grounds project.

Several delegates spoke during a meeting, lasting shy of an hour, where there was just the one topic on the agenda.

Noel Carrie (Hunterstown Rovers), Paddy Clarke (Kilkerley Emmets) and Mick Holcroft (St. Fechin's) were all agreed that it was time to move on and look to the future without dwelling on the failed Gaelic Grounds' venture.

St. Kevins' David Rogers also picked up on this point and thanked Halpenny and his executive for their work. However, with news of Croke Park's withdrawal from negotiations, which signalled an end to the Drogheda project, having broken on this website on Monday, he was outraged that clubs and delegates found out in this manner. He referred to it as "disgraceful" and "disrespectful", sentiments which Halpenny was in agreement with. 

PJ Loughran of Dundalk Gaels and Oliver Plunketts chairman Tómas O'hEochaigh asked if it was possible to get negotiations over the Gaelic Grounds back underway with the input of a mediator. However, these proposals were emphatically batted away by the top table. O'hEochaigh also drew a buoyant reaction from the floor when asking if clubs who contributed to the erection of the stand currently at the Gaelic Grounds were going to be reimbursed for their input.

Sean O'Mahonys' Pat O'Brien also picked up on this, referring to the fact that when the stand was built in Drogheda, many clubs contributed an amount of £5,000 which, in his words, "was a lot of money at the time".

The O'Raghallaigh's delegate was eager to and successful in correcting some of the inaccuracies which came from the floor throughout the night regarding his club's influence on the project's ending.

Finally, Oliver Plunketts, via delegate O'hEochaigh, and Ardee, St. Mary's (Gabriel McKenny) offered their clubs' grounds as potential sites for Louth County Board to consider as a future county ground.