Louth Senator welcomes White Paper on ending Direct Provision 


Michelle O'Keeffe


Michelle O'Keeffe



Louth Senator welcomes White Paper on ending Direct Provision  

Cllr Erin McGreehan

Fianna Fáil senator Erin McGreehan has welcomed the publishing of a White Paper on ending Direct Provision.

The White Paper outlines the new system of accommodation and supports that will be put in place for applicants for International Protection. It is anticipated that all existing Direct Provision Centres will close by the end of 2024. 

Senator McGreehan commented: “I very much welcome this and it has been a priority for this Government since it came into existence last June.

"The failure of the Direct Provision system has long been ignored by previous governments.

"I have called for the end of the Direct Provision system for a long time.

"It is a cruel, inhumane way to treat people who come to this country for refuge.

“Direct Provision is a dysfunctional system, and the goal of 2024 is great, however I believe that there needs to be short term goals for those who are currently are in Direct Provision.

"They need some hope and care.

"The average length of stay in Direct Provision is 24 months, with some residents having spent up to 10 or 12 years living in these conditions.

"This is completely unacceptable, the processing times for applications needs to be hurried up and resources and personnel should be given to do this.”  

The Louth Senator added: “The new system grounded in human rights creates a system of accommodation and supports for applicants for International Protection.

"Under this new system, people who are applying for protection will be helped to integrate into Ireland from day one, with health, housing, education, and employment supports at the core of the system.

"They will be provided with dignity, respect and humanity. 

“I look forward to reading the White Paper in detail and learning more about this new process of International Protection,” concluded Senator McGreehan.