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Men’s Sheds in Louth to pioneer new approach to men’s wellbeing

New health and wellbeing programme kicks off in Louth

Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

Men’s Sheds in Louth to pioneer new approach to men’s wellbeing

Men’s Sheds in Louth to pioneer new approach to men’s wellbeing

Six Men’s Shed groups across Louth will help pioneer an entirely new approach to men’s wellbeing by taking part in the ‘Sheds for Life’ initiative this month.

The scheme, organised by the Irish Men’s Sheds Association, will see 100 members receive expert health and wellbeing advice and resources from major national organisations such as the Irish Heart Foundation, Siel Bleu Ireland, the HSE, Mental Health Ireland, Diabetes Ireland and many other Sheds for Life partners.

Edel Byrne, Health and Wellbeing Manager of the Irish Men’s Sheds Association said:

"We’re delighted to be launching this initiative in Louth. We know from previous experiences linking with County Louth Sheds on the topic of health that they are some of the most enthusiastic participants, so it’s great to be working with them again on this exciting new venture."

Ms Byrne says the ten-week pilot scheme aims to address some of the “serious health inequalities that exist in Ireland between men and women”.

The scheme operates under four main pillars: Health checks, physical activity, healthy eating and mental health. Further topics covered include CPR training, diabetes prevention and management, dental health cancer prevention, as well as suicide prevention in the community.

“We all know that men have a shorter life expectancy compared to women, and ‘Sheds for Life’ is looking to bridge that gap but we’re also targeting our approach at quality of life, as much as lifespan”.

The Sheds for Life programme takes place within the shed itself, as opposed to a clinical setting.  This approach has allowed sheds and their members to take genuine ownership of the initiative, moulding and shaping it to their own needs.

“We’ve found in our engagements so far that men have a huge appetite for these programmes; they want to lead healthier lives and they’re hungry for knowledge on these topics,” Ms Byrne concluded.

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