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Sentenced for spate of shoplifting offences in Dundalk area

Dundalk District Court

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Court Reporter

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Dundalk Courthouse

A heroin addict who carried out a spate of shoplifting offences in the Dundalk area, was sentenced to a total of six months at the local district court.

The solicitor representing Shannon Judd - with an address at Fáilte House, Avenue Road, Dundalk, told the court his client had detoxed while in custody earlier this year but had a relapse last month on her birthday.

The court heard the defendant had stolen an i-Phone and a €60 pair of women's runners from Sheba on Clanbrassil Street on July 16th last year.

Just over a fortnight later she took a tin of paint from Mr. Price, Williamson's Mall. Eighteen days after that the accused stole over €35 worth of goods from Lidl.

Seven days later, Shannon Judd shoplifted €19.50 worth of goods from Dealz on Earl Street and on August 27th her birthday, she stole €150 worth of groceries and household items.

Ms. Judd was also before the court for being in an intoxicated state on the Avenue Road on June 20th last, when she was arrested for her own safety.

The court was told the defendant had 36 previous convictions - most of which were for theft.
Twenty four of the convictions were recorded in July last year when a three month sentence was imposed for one of the charge sheets with the rest marked taken into consideration.

The defence solicitor stressed that until then his client had no previous convictions.
He added that an appeal had been lodged, and in June this year, the sentence was affirmed.

Judge McKiernan replied "She didn't learn anything from that".

The solicitor said that his client had detoxed in June but she had relapsed on her birthday last month.He added "She tells me she is off all drugs now" and said the accused mistakenly believed that as she had been in prison she didn't have to engage with the Probation Service.

The solicitor also stressed the accused had pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

However, Judge McKiernan said she had been given every opportunity by the Probation Service and it was Shannon Judd's decision not to avail of that.

The judge imposed two consecutive sentences of three months for the theft from the boutique and the most recent theft from Lidl.
At the request of the defence, Judge McKiernan said the accused could lodge an appeal on her own bond of €300, with an independent surety of €300 or cash in lieu.