Dundalk man's travel vlog goes viral

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Dundalk man's travel vlog goes viral

Dundalk man Donal Greene at the top of Lion’s Head in Cape Town recently Picture: Donal Greene

Dundalk man Donal Greene has a more exciting hobby than your average person - in his free time he travels to far-flung corners of the globe and documents his travels on his video blog The Greene Scene.  

His escapades have earned him a loyal fanbase who tune in in their thousands to his social media channels awaiting his next adventure.   

Donal on a remote island in the Philippines 

The Dundalk man got his first start in vlogging when a Polish friend, who has thousands of followers for her video diaries, encouraged him to try it out.

He explained: “She was travelling around Europe vlogging her journey and she kept encouraging me to start my own vlog. I did a bit of research and watched some videos from people like Casey Neistat and I thought I’d give it a go.

“So I downloaded some software onto my iPhone and filmed my first vlog. I got a decent reaction online, people were interested.”

Donal, who works in Biometrics, moved to Slovakia, eight years ago to be nearer to his son. And whilst he rents an apartment in Bratislava, the Louth man says he is rarely there:

“I travel about 200 days per year. And 80 to 90 per cent of those trips are business trips. I found I had a lot of time alone in random cities so I decided to start walking around the cities and film things.

“I started to invest in equipment and out more effort into the videos. I bought a Canon camera, a Go-Pro and a drone for getting overhead shots.”

And that’s when things really started to take off. Donal explained: “At this stage, some of the videos started going viral.

“In January I was in Vietnam and I did a video about me trying different street foods, including a delicacy called balut (a fertilized duck egg), and a coconut worm, which looks like a grub. The video got 50,000 views and I picked up loads of followers in Asia.

“I started to see the potential it could have.”

And The Greene Scene is going from strength to strength. Donal explained: “Wherever I go now, I try to find a story. I was in Capetown recently with my Polish friend. We visited a ghetto (in the township of Khayelitsha) which has a population of 2.4 million and just one hospital.

“We hung out with former gangsters. And heard the success stories of people who had started their own businesses in this dangerous place.

“One man opened an amazing coffee shop and another man worked as a barber so he could afford the equipment to start his own tailoring business. He even made my friend a dress.

“It was inspiring to hear these stories... I find people care more about real-life stories than hearing about luxury hotels and things like that.”

Going forward the adventurous Louth man says he hopes to travel more so that people will be able to use his vlogs as travel guides.

He added: “I love when people send me feedback and ask for travel tips, so get in touch.”

You can keep up with Donal’s adventures via: