Dundalk woman fears eviction from her home

Woman told she can lodge appeal with Cluid Housing

Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

Dundalk woman fears eviction from her home

Dundalk woman fears eviction from her home

A local woman with learning difficulties, who was visited at her home in Dundalk yesterday(Monday) by Cluid Housing, was told she can lodge an appeal with Cluid against a possible eviction.

The Dundalk Democrat spoke with the woman and a member of her family on Monday, who said that the woman was being evicted for owing back rent of €1,000.

The member of the woman's family told the Democrat that, while Cluid Housing spoke to the woman a number of times prior to yesterday about the eviction, it should have been done in the presence of an advocate.

According to the family member, an advocate was not present at any of the meetings and that the woman did not understand what an eviction actually meant.

The rent arrears arose, the family member said, due to the fact that the woman was going through a separation.

The woman had said to Cluid Housing that her brother was willing to help her pay the arrears, and she was willing and had the ability to pay but they “were having none of it”, according to the woman's family member.

The woman hadn't told her family about the situation and they did not find out about it until the last minute.

“She slept here on the floor beside the rabbits last night, it was only when we saw [the advert] for the rabbits to go to a good home on Facebook last night, that we knew she was being evicted.”

According to the family, the woman is now lodging an appeal against the eviction.

The Dundalk Democrat contacted Cluid Housing for a response and a spokesperson confirmed that there was an ongoing situation in Dundalk, but that they could not comment on individual cases.

The spokesperson did say however, that situations like this one involved a lengthy process, involving several different parties and that all correct procedures are followed throughout.