Calls for cyclists to slow down on footpaths in Dundalk

“Greater enforcement is needed"

Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

Calls for cyclists to slow down on footpaths in Dundalk

Councillor Maria Doyle shares views on road safety in Dundalk

“Greater enforcement is needed to curb cycling at excessive speeds on footpaths in Dundalk”, believes local councillor Maria Doyle.

This is one of the views shared by the town councillor in relation to saftey on our roads, following the release of the Road Safety Authority's road death statistics for the first half of 2018.

“Personally, I have no issue with children or young people using the footpaths if the footpaths are wide enough and if they are travelling slowly”, said Councillor Doyle.

“My experience is that they are often used by adults travelling at excessive speeds. Greater enforcement is needed to curb this.”

The first half of 2018 has seen a decrease on 2017, in the number of cyclists and motorcyclists on our roads. It has however seen an increase in the number of other road deaths in Louth.

There have been four road fatalities on roads in Louth in the first six months of 2018, all of which were driver fatalities. Along with Cork and Tipperary, Louth had the highest number of driver fatalities in the country.

Commenting on these figures, Councillor Doyle had this to say:

“My first thoughts on this issue is that it took a huge national effort to reduce our road fatalities and we certainly don’t want to see the trend reverse.

“Unfortunately, the numbers don’t give us the full story, so we don’t know from these statistics what the cause of these accidents are.

“We need to keep driving home the message that drink driving and speed can kill on our roads and we need to ensure that the Gardai have the resources to enforces our laws with regards to this.”

Councillor Doyle also spoke of some areas of concern she has highlighted at council level, in relation to road use in the local area.

“I highlighted speed along the Carrick Road and speed control measures were undertaken by Louth County Council”, said Maria.

“I also raised the need for footpaths for pedestrian safety along the Rock Road in Blackrock and I'm glad to say that I’m making good progress to have these provided.”

The town councillor concluded by highlighting a junction in town that she believes needs some focus.

“One area which could possibly be an accident waiting to happen is Gray’s Lane on Park Street beside Toolfix”, added Councillor Doyle.

“I would like to see that junction improved to make it safer for all road and footpath users. “

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