Lorry driver gets in spot of bother at Tesco Extra Dundalk

Somehow, the vehicle managed to get in under the car park roof before it became lodged

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


Lorry driver gets in spot of bother at Tesco Extra Dundalk

The van at Tesco Extra on Tuesday afternoon. PICTURE: Barry Landy

A lorry driver got himself into a bit of a squeeze in Dundalk on Tuesday afternoon - ending up stuck in the Tesco Extra car park. 

Despite not one but two maximum height signs clearly on display at the entrance to the under store car park at the large supermarket, the driver in question decided to take his chances and squeeze in. 

It didn't go well however, with the top of the lorry ripping roof lights off the ceiling and getting stuck just metres inside the car park. 

A number of bemused staff members attended the scene to assist but all that was left to do was to flatten the tyres and tow it away. 

Some customers even found their route out of the car park blocked by the vehicle, leading to some unwanted afternoon chaos for shoppers. 

The van drove straight past two Maximum Height signs before getting lodged under the roof. PICTURE: Barry Landy

The van left a string of debris in its wake at the Tesco Extra car park. PICTURE: Barry Landy