Dundalk business praised for honouring customers' 23-year-old voucher

Staff in McKenna Men on Earl Street had trouble converting the voucher to euro currency

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Dundalk business praised for honouring customers' 23-year-old voucher

Staff at McKenna Man pictured with the retro voucher

Dundalk business McKenna man has hit headlines across the country after they honoured a 23-year-old voucher brought in by a customer.

Staff say they were “surprised” when the lady arrived into the store last Friday with a gift voucher which was issued in 1995

And the local menswear business has received much praise online for standing true to their word that they will redeem all vouchers, no matter how long they’ve been sitting in the drawer at home.

Manager and director Conor McKenna told the Dundalk Democrat that the popular menswear store never puts expiry dates on their vouchers.

He said: “We are delighted to issue gift vouchers for our customers and we were delighted to redeem this one. Although most people do honour their vouchers a little quicker than this one!”

Manager Conor also revealed to the Democrat that staff had a bit of bother converting the 1995 voucher from punts into a more modern currency.

“Our staff member who redeemed the voucher for the lady would have been two-years-old when it was issued, so he had to get someone to convert it,” Conor explained.

“The voucher was for 60 punts so we had to do a bit of asking around to get it converted into Euros.” After a bit of asking around the store’s accountant managed to convert the old Irish currency to €76. The customer in question bought a shirt.

The unusual yarn has certainly been good for business. Conor told how the publicity and positive feedback has been “completely unexpected.”

He said: “I posted the voucher up for nostalgia. It features our original logo which I thought people might remember from the classic bags.”

And the manager thinks that more businesses should adopt their approach. He concluded: “The Shop Local vouchers in Dundalk have no expiry date. I think it’s a great idea and that customers appreciate it.”