Comedy duo DirtBirds set to perform hilarious An Táin show

"It is one of our favourite places to perform, there is a special energy in Dundalk."

Aine Kenny


Aine Kenny


Comedy duo DirtBirds set to perform hilarious An Táin show

DirtBirds' Sue Collins and Sinead Culbert

Dirt Birds, the comedy pair made up of Sinead Culbert and Sue Collins, are to perform Dundalk’s An Táin Theatre on Friday the 6th of April at 8pm.

This will be the duo’s third performance in the town. The hilarious women found their fame by posting videos online which amassed thousands of views on Facebook.

Sinead is from Dundalk and says she really enjoys performing in her hometown. "People in Dundalk have a sharp wit, and an intelligent humour,” she says. "It is one of our favourite places to perform, there is a special energy in Dundalk. They crowd get every gag and nuance," she adds. "They are just up for the craic!"

Sinead and Sue met on the stand-up comedy scene. "I was doing stand up and Sue was doing character stand up," Sinead explains. "I saw her perform and just thought we would work well together. I sound like such a stalker but I got her number off the club owner,” she laughs.

"I gave her a ring and she was immediately very interested in working together, she had seen my stuff as well. We were very lucky."

The comedy pair have also written a script for BBC3 which wasn’t picked up. However, Sinead says that writing for the BBC was like a comedy masterclass. "There was a change in staff so our script wasn’t bought, but it was still a great opportunity and experience,” Sinead says positively.

"We really got to develop our writing skills. We worked with a guy called John Ross and we had to have a gag every 30 seconds, he got us to look at our style and hone our skills."

The Dirt Birds’ comedy style is observational, and they find comedic elements in everyday events and ordinary people. "We look at things we see and hear, and people who make us laugh.

One of the characters we do is the ‘competitive mammy’, and everyone knows someone like that,” explains Sinead. “We also have other characters who are beauty bloggers from Dundalk and Ardee, Dee and Andrea. Dee was a character who was in my head for years,” Sinead reveals.

"We all know someone who is all smiles but is making sly digs at the same time,” the comedian laughs. "We decided to make her from Dundalk as there aren’t many comedy characters out there from the town.”

The accent certainly stands out, and people from Louth will laugh at Dee’s quips such as “I am going on a trip faraway, like to Dunleer or somewhere like that.”

Both Sinead and Sue are masters at doing accents.

"You know what, it’s like singing, but I can’t sing,” quips Sinead. "Being able to do different accents is just natural for me, it requires a musical ear, and you pick up on the rhythm and sounds someone is making and mimic them."

Sinead also believes that the internet has been fantastic for comedians. "It is hard getting stuff made for TV, you’re waiting on someone to give you the okay and the budget," she explains. "With Facebook, you aren’t waiting around like that, you can make your own little show,” she continues. "But your videos have to be funny and still have quality," she adds.

Dirt Birds’ are a female comedy duo, and I ask whether they believe that its harder for women to break into the comedy scene. "The scene itself can be tricky for women, but the audience don’t care if it is a woman, man or white rabbit on stage as long as they can make them laugh," says Sinead.

"At the start our audience would have been mainly women, but now more men are starting to go and they always come up to us and say they really enjoyed it," she adds.

The name Dirt Birds came about from an old Dublin phrase. "Some people think our comedy is cynical or lewd because of the name, but it’s not,” she says. “It is just a bit irreverent and fun.”

Sinead also says that it is a good time for women, and that they can come out of the shadows and do what they want. "I think to be a woman, especially in comedy, you do have to be brave, you have to push yourself, but don’t be afraid of what other people think,”"she concludes.

Tickets for the Dirt Bird’s show can be booked online at or through An Tain’s box office.