Breathnach renews calls for new RTE North East correspondent

Been watching TV today? Declan Breathnach has and he's not happy

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


Louth TD Declan Breathnach

Louth Fianna Fáil TD Declan Breathnach

Louth TD Declan Breathnach has once again called on RTE to appoint a correspondent for the North-East region - in the wake of the current storms sweeping over our country. 

Commenting today, the Fianna Fáil Deputy expressed his disappointment that RTE's North East correspondent post remains vacant. 

"Louth was under snow before it reached Dublin and other parts of the east, yet RTE have failed to mention the county in their coverage," he remarked. "You would think that Louth did not exist going on RTE's news coverage.  We are hearing from Paschal Sheehy, Cathy Halloran, Ciaran Mullooly but RTE has no voice from the North East."

The TD did reserve praise for local media outlets for their coverage of the weather event however - the Dundalk Democrat have published over 40 weather related stories on our website this week alone - but said he would be continuing his calls for a new North East correspondent.

"RTE have a studio in Dundalk lying vacant for some time now, and I will be calling on RTE Director General Dee Forbes and Head of News Jon Williams to re-establish a correspondent for the North-East."

Last month, Breathnach hit out at the fact that the national broadcaster has no dedicated correspondent for the region, ever since journalist Richard Dowling left to become RTE's Political Assignments Editor. 

He called it "unacceptable."