Little movement on trolley crisis in Our Lady of Lourdes Drogheda

Overcrowding crisis

Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

Little movement on trolley situation in Our Lady of Lourdes Drogheda

Little movement on trolley crisis in Our Lady of Lourdes Drogheda

There are 20 people on trolleys and 3 in wards awaiting a bed in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda today, according to figures released earlier today by the INMO.

On Monday, this number was 17 on trolleys and 7 in wards, giving a total of 24.

On Tuesday of this week, 20 were on trolleys and 4 in wards, so the total number awaiting a bed on Tuesday was still 24.

This number increased to 31 yesterday(Wednesday), where there were 22 people on trolleys and 9 additional patients in wards awaiting a bed.

The reduction to a total of 23 today will be welcome, but it also shows that the overcrowding crisis in Drogheda, like in the rest of the country, will take time to resolve.

Since the beginning of the year, according to figures from the INMO, there has been just one day in the Lourdes, where there was less than 20 patients awaiting a bed. This was on 5 January, when there was 10 people on trolleys(there were no extra patients on wards that day awaiting a bed).

The overcrowding crisis in Irish hospitals, has resulted in patients waiting on trolleys for over 24 hours in some cases, with an 80-year-old woman in one Irish hospital waiting for more than 70 hours on a trolley in the hospital’s emergency department.