Louth mother claims council refuses to spend €100,000 to fix her "dangerous" house

“It's very frustrating...I feel that no-one is listening to me”

Dundalk Democrat


Dundalk Democrat

IDDT50 Nevins and Fennessy family Drumcar

Margaret Fennessy's husband Jonathan Nevins with his three children, Olivia (18), Oisín (11) and Aleisha, aged three

A LOCAL mother-of-three has criticised Louth County Council (LCC) claiming the local authority house they live in is “putting lives at risk”.

Margaret Fennessy from Drumcar, Co Louth told the Dundalk Democrat that their house is “dangerous” and negatively impacting the health of her children.

“Some of the windows can't be opened and there's no fire escape. I highlighted this issue with the council two months ago,” said Margaret.

“The council told me it would cost €100,000 to solve all the problems in the house and it's not putting that amount of money into old houses anymore.

“The house is freezing because there's no proper insulation. We have radiators but they are only heated by a solid fuel back boiler system.”

Margaret and her husband, Jonathan, have three children, Olivia, aged 18, Oisín, aged 11, and Aleisha, aged three.

“We have to stay up very late to keep feeding the fire so the radiators work. My 11-year-old has asthma and is on steroids.

“I had pneumonia last year. There's always someone sick in the house. There are drafts coming from everywhere and I'm convinced our health is being affected.

“It's very frustrating because I'm trying to do my best and I feel that no-one is listening to me.”

A spokesperson from Louth County Council told the Dundalk Democrat that the local authority does not comment on individual cases.