Dundalk school briefs parents on student wellbeing survey

School collected data on diet and exercise habits

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Dundalk Democrat

Dundalk school briefs parents on student wellbeing survey

PARENTS of Dundalk students have been briefed about the results of a survey conducted about the students’ well-being.

St Louis Secondary School completed a survey this year that enabled important data to be collected including what the students eat and how often they participate in the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

Parents were also informed about changes involved in assessment and reporting in the new Junior Cycle including the role of wellbeing.

The event was hosted by the school's parents' committee who arrange an annual talk for parents based on issues raised at their monthly meetings.

“The relevance of Junior Cycle reform as an issue for parents was underlined by the large number of families represented,” said a St Louis Secondary School spokesperson.

The new Junior Cycle has been running since September 2014 when the first cohort of first years started on the new English subject specification.

In June 2017 those students sat the new Junior Cycle final assessment in English marking the beginning of the new state examinations for Junior Cycle students.

These students will be the first to receive the new Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement later this year which will also report on examples of other learning experiences students have been involved with throughout their three years of Junior Cycle.

The process is set to continue until 2022 when all subject specifications in the new Junior Cycle will finally replace the old Junior Certificate.

Inclusive education was also explored at the meeting and the central role of developing high levels of wellbeing in all students guided by the premise that "happy students learn better".