Calls for new Garda base in Dundalk town centre


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Dundalk Democrat

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Councillor Mark Dearey has called for the establishment of a new Garda base in Dundalk town centre.

Speaking during this week's Local Policing Forum at Dundalk Town Hall, the Green Party representative said a secondary premises in the middle of Dundalk would aid officers and serve as a deterrent to criminals.

"The local station as it stands is quite an imposing building and one which members of the public might not be all that keen to engage with.

"I think a subsation or kiosk in Dundalk centre would be a great way to improve that connection between Gardai and the public, while also increasing police visibility in the town. This can only serve to deter the increased town-centre thefts and crime we've seen of late."

New Chief Superintendent Christy Mangan noted that a secondary operation is implemented on O'Connell Street in Dublin and that he would consider adopting a similar approach in Dundalk.