The Dundalk guide to making pancakes

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

The Dundalk guide to making pancakes

Not everyone is a culinary magician, so we at the Democrat have put together a simple 'How To' pancake making guide:

- You sieve (that's the instrument that has all the wee holes in it, so it is) flour and salt into a bowl, so you do.

- Make a 'Well Aur' in the centre of the (me auld) flour, break in the egg (mad yoke) and add about a turd of the milk...

- Pour batter (- ya, so I will) into a jug and allow to stand for about turty minutes.

- Brush a pancake pan (a wha? Fancy Dan, so you are) or frying pan with oil...

- Fry until golden brown (burnt looking)...

- Stack pancakes on a large plate (before the childer grab them), as they are cooked.

- A choice of toppings can be used. *In Dundalk butter and sugar can only ever be used.*

Failing that, pop down to the shop and buy the ready made ones kiad.

Happy Pancake Tuesday.