Local action group re-home homeless man who was victimised by local thugs

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Staff reporter



Local action group re-home man after tent cut to pieces by thugs

The tent which was cut to ribbons by local yobs.

A group who sat up in the wake of the death of a homeless man have re-homed three men to date.
'Dundalk Save Our Homeless' say that they re-homed a third man this week, having set up the group following the tragic death of a local man who slept rough on a sub zero temperature night.
The man - who's identity is being kept anonymous - had been sleeping in a tent, which cruel vandals had taken a knife to in recent days.
Speaking on Facebook, the group said: “We are so happy to announce that our client Mr X from our story has now being rehomed.
“I write this with tears in my eyes.
“I saw what this man has suffered in the last couple of days.
“He now has a real home! A place where nobody can jepordise or take away from him like the attempt last night.
“Save Our Homeless Dundalk will continue to work very closely with Mr X until he gets his feet firmly on the ground.
“Mr X has also let us know he wants to be part of our group and wants to help the homeless people of Dundalk.
“This is now the third person we at Save Our Homeless Dundalk have rehomed since we formed in December.
“We rely on the people of dundalk for donations and volunteers.
“We have no funding and anything we buy or need or money for deposits comes solely from donations and fundraisers.
“ So we would ask that you the people of Dundalk continue to support our amazing group and help up eradicate homelessness in our beautiful town.”