LOUTH : More women died in 2015 while more boys were born

LOUTH : More women died in 2015 while more boys were born

There were a total of 805 deaths and 1,819 births registered in Co. Louth according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office.

In total 418 females died, this accounted for 51.9 per cent of the population in the county whereas 387 males died accounting for 48.1 per cent of the population.

916 males were born accounting for 50.4 per cent whereas 903 females were born accounting for 49.6 per cent of the births.

The most common cause of death in Co.Louth was diseases of the system.

This accounted for 256 deaths, with 226 people dying as a result of malignant neoplasms.

Many more died of diseases of the circulatory system with 33 dying from respiratory issues.

The remaining deaths were caused by “other causes”.

There were eight infant mortalities and seven neonatal mortalities in the county last year.

Seven deaths were stated as suicides, five by men and two by women.

A total of 44.1 per cent births recorded were to mothers outside of marriage or civil partnership.

Of those births 39 were to mothers under the age of 20. A further 217 were to mothers aged between 20-24.

Finally 394 births resided with mothers aged 25-29.

In Louth the most popular age for a mother to have a child was between 30-34 with 616 births accounting for 33.9% of the population.

An additional 448 (24.6 per cent) of mothers were aged 35-39 as 105 (5.8 per cent) births were to mothers aged 40 and over.

The average age for women in Louth to have a baby was 31 while for first time births it was 29.