WATCH: The time Mike Denver got a 'Farmer's Rave' going at the Ploughing

KP Diggin


KP Diggin

Mike Denver is always a big hit at Ploughing and would undoubtedly be there today if the event was being staged.

Never mind, our reporter was there on the day in 2018 when the Galway country king rocked the Aldi tent.

He performed fan favourites like 'Galway Girl' and such was the popularity of the Aldi tent in 2018, helped by Denver, the floor at the entrance broke and had to be fixed. The main entrance was closed for a time.

Clearly the craic in the Aldi stand, described by one passerby as 'a farmer's rave,' was a huge draw, as thousands converged to get a flavour of the entertainment and food on offer.

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