WATCH: Dundalk school dedicate heart-warming music entry to autism awareness

Autism Awareness

David Lynch


David Lynch

De La Salle school here in Dundalk have dedicated their entry into this year's Walton's Music Competition to autism and creating awareness.

The school's music teacher, Pamela Campbell, explained the background to their entry, with the school also making it through to the final too.

"We dedicated this year's Walton's competition theme 'where words fail, music speaks' to autism and creating awareness.

"The opening section composed by Donnchadh Hughes represents the magical, creative mind of a non-verbal child with autism. From there, we created an arrangement of Phil Coulters 'Scorn not his simplicity' followed by a reel composed by Donnchadh."

She added: "The reel gives life to the playful personality of the child.

"Finally we chose 'Unstoppable' by Sia, as it demonstrates the fighter and inner strength of our superheroes. Have a listen and share the magic."

Well done to all the students involved!