VOTE: Dundalk's favourite Chinese takeaway

Nominations are in - time to cast your vote

Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

VOTE: Dundalk's favourite Chinese takeaway

Time to vote for Dundalk's favourite Chinese takeaway

Adelphi Jade

The Curry House

New World

Gourmet Palace

Sun House

Nice Day


The Kitchen

Black Wok

Jade Garden

Connies Takeaway

Golden Chopsticks

Xing Zheng Cheinese(Great Wall)

Sing Li Van

Wiltons Chinese

China Kitchen


We never knew there were so many Chinese Takeaways in Dundalk. We also didn't realise just how popular they are in Dundalk.

There has been a huge response to our requests for your nominations, for Dundalk's favourite Chinese takeaway. Like we've said here before, its great to see such support in Dundalk for our local businesses and services.

We're hungry just putting the list of nominations together, you wouldn't need a fortune cracker to tell you where what we'll be having for lunch today anyway!

The nominations are up now anyway, so its time to make your decision. 

As usual, we'll leave the poll open over the weekend and announce the winner on Monday.

Perhaps try out one or two of the nominees over the weekend to help make your decision - we certainly aim to do so in the office here anyway!

So its back to you now folks, get voting!