Is Louth a soccer or GAA county?

Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

Is Louth a soccer or GAA county?

Are we a GAA or soccer county?

GAA all the way

Soccer first and foremost

With a huge weekend in store for fans of both GAA and soccer in Louth, heated discussions are taking place in the Democrat office here as to whether Louth is a soccer or GAA county.

It's a tough one. With the best soccer team in the country and its proud history in the north of the county, and Drogheda in the south, one might think we're a soccer county.

However, considering the crowds heading south to Parnell Park this weekend for the Louth v Meath grudge match, and the following that club football in Louth has and one might think otherwise.

So, we're going to put it to a vote and need your help.

Do you think Louth is a GAA or soccer county?

We've put a poll up to get a feel for it and would love your opinion.