Leinster Intermediate Club Football Championship

O'Connell's boss Bates disappointed with Curraha defeat, but pays tribute to his team's efforts

Leinster Intermediate Club Football Championship

Caoimhín Reilly


Caoimhín Reilly



O'Connell's boss Bates disappointed with Curraha defeat, but pays tribute to his team's efforts

O'Connell's manager Paddy Bates (left) and Anthony Agnew after the Intermediate Championship final win. (Pic: Arthur Kinahan)

O'Connell's manager Paddy Bates was his typically gracious self following Saturday's one-point defeat to Curraha at the Grove.

He felt his side's first-half performance was very good, though the Monaghan-native conceded their slow start to the second-period cost them the match.

Speaking to The Democrat's Dan Bannon afterwards, he said: “If you look at the game as a whole, we were pretty much in control of the first-half, but we started the second-half a little bit poorly and I think that's where we lost it.

“We'd a good start and the plan went very well. We had set ourselves up in such a way to counteract the way they play and it worked very well up until half-time. But that second-half, they got off to a good start and it undone all our good work.

“We went from four-points up at half-time to level three-minutes into the second-half, and that's really where the game turned. After that, we got a bit disjointed and things didn't go to plan.

“I suppose when you look at it, a one-point defeat, we had a lot of chances and just didn't take them. But fair play to Curraha. They took their chances and are in the semi-final now, but we're a bit disappointed,” added Bates.

However, the Intermediate Championship winning manager hailed his team's fighting spirit in the aftermath of the loss.

“I have to compliment the players of the O'Connell's,” Bates said.

“They played to the very, very end and never gave up. They have a great battling spirit and they gave it everything.

“We were a little bit short today and I think the two lads who were suspended (Paul McKeever and Seán Connolly) would have made a bit of a difference, but we have to take our defeat and move onto the next one,” he finished.