Dundalk Karate start 2017 on the front foot

Gavin McLaughlin


Gavin McLaughlin

Dundalk Karate start 2017 on the front foot

Dundalk Karate member Catherine Marcus pictured at a recent Alexandra Recchia seminar

With 2017 only just beginning, members of Dundalk Karate decided to start the year as they mean to continue.

As the only member of CIKA Ireland (Champions International Karate Association) within Dundalk and Co Louth, Dundalk Karate took full advantage of an invitation from fellow CIKA Ireland members, WKFI Ireland, to a seminar with five-time world champion Alexandra Recchia.

Numerous clubs and organisations from Ireland and Scotland travelled to Rathcoole for this seminar. To see everyone coming together under one banner to take full advantage of this one-day special seminar was definitely a great way to welcome in the new year!

Head of Dundalk Karate, Sensei Mary Marcus 2nd Dan, said: "Even though numerous members are still away on holidays, or not yet back to full-time training after the Christmas break, it was a privilege to see both Liam Hoey and Catherine Marcus take full advantage of this opportunity.

"We are not starting 2017 with only this seminar, but as a club, we are travelling to Liege in Belgium for our annual weekend seminar with none other than Junior Lefevre.

“Myself, Liam, and Catherine will be joined by fellow Dundalk Karate member Franciszek Chmielecki, and fellow members of CIKA Ireland on this annual trip where we will not only train with Junior Lefevre but George Tzanos, a European Kumite champion, and Damian Quintero, European Kata champion."

Dundalk Karate train in the Redeemer Family Resource Centre every Monday and Thursday from 7-8pm. If you would like any further information on Dundalk Karate or CIKA Ireland, you can contact Sensei Marcus on 086 353 1625 or karatequeen@live.com