Seafood Trail will make Louth tourism gem

Michelle O'Keeffe


Michelle O'Keeffe


Seafood Trail will make Louth tourism gem

The Louth Seafood Trail will be a real tourism asset and has the capability of making Louth become the tourism gem of the North East, according to Louth Senator John McGahon.

Speaking in a debate on Tourism in the Seanad, Senator McGahon said “This is a new tourism initiative and visitor experience which will provide a great opportunity to showcase local seafood products and participating restaurants along the beautiful coastline of Louth.

"Along this trail visitors can take advantage of the views whilst enjoying dining on fresh and locally produced seafood.

"It will provide a real opportunity to make our county stand out.”

The Louth Coast has so much to offer and this was recently highlighted on Neven Maguire’s Seafood Trails on RTE recently.

There are multiple businesses along the entire coast that are offering fresh seafood whether its Smugglers Rest in Clogherhead, the Glyde Inn in Annagassan or Carlingford Oysters in north Louth.

This will also provide a real opportunity for other restaurants to expand in this trail and become a part of it.

“Real credit must go to Louth County Council for creating the Louth Seafood Trail.

"The initiative came about after members of the Council's Louth economic forum sat down around a table to think of ways to promote a coastal county like Louth.

"They came up with the innovative concept of a seafood passport where one starts at Drogheda and works their way right up the coast via 49 different restaurants, shops and coffee shops all the way to Omeath” Senator McGahon said.

The tourist and hospitality sector will play a leading role in our economic recovery after Covid and the creation and promotion of attractions like the Louth Seafood Trail will be important.

As a coastal county, Louth has a great opportunity to promote our local seafood and the Seafood Trail is just the way to do it.