Robbie can bin all hygiene
problems quick as a flash

WHEN Robbie McMullen from Ardee found himself redundant he decided to fight back.

WHEN Robbie McMullen from Ardee found himself redundant he decided to fight back.

Robbie set up his own business called Wheelieclean and started a new professional life.

It hasn’t been easy. Robbie is married to Vanessa and they have two children, Cormac, who is 18 months, and Fionn who is just a few weeks old.

But he is determined to meet all the challenges facing him.

Robbie provides a mobile bin washing, disaffecting and deodorising service. For just 5 Euro your home or commercial bins can be made totally hygienic.

“You might spend 2.50 Euro on a take away or 5 Euro on a car wash, so why not spend the same on your family’s health,” says Robbie.

“The most unhygienic thing around your house is your bin. The EU has brought in new laws regarding waste going into the landfill.

“And now councils are going to have to introduce brown or composite bins which will deal with food waste.

“By 2012 everyone is meant to have a brown bin so there will be a greater need to keep bins hygienic, especially those containing food waste.”

Robbie’s Wheelieclean service can keep bins spotlessly clean. His mobile high-powered service operates all over the north east.

“And it has featured on George Lee’s The Business on RTE Radio.

George was so taken by Robbie’s enterprise he travelled down from Dublin to interview the Ardee man and told him that business-wise he was clearly on to a winner.

Robbie has always been determined to fight adversity and make his own way. In the early 1990s, before the Celtic Tiger days, he had to go abroad.

“I was studying aqua culture (fish farming) in Letterkenny but then a recession came and I had to emigrate.

“I went to the Channel Islands and to Scotland where I ran an oyster farm. Then I came back home, got married, and worked locally.”

“Then on 4 December 2009 he was made redundant. So I took a course in business planning.”

This is a business that is very big in the UK and inevitably it will become important here.

From 1 July all restaurants will have to segregate food waste in refuse bins.

And this is where Robbie’s hygiene and cleaning business will come in.

“You can’t ask staff to wash bins,” says Robbie, “and then walk through a kitchen and risk contamination.”

Very true. The state-of-the-art machinery used by Robbie has been designed in the UK especially for this kind of work. It is professional, efficient, quick, meets legal requirements, and it’s cheap. Not bad going in a recession.

You can contact Robbie on 087 – 7538861. Also on the website: