Traffic chaos on Dublin Road Dundalk continues


Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

Traffic chaos on Dublin Road Dundalk continues

Traffic on the Dublin Road at lunchtime today, where the traffic tailback reached from Teagasc to Ladywell Shrine

Traffic chaos on the Dublin Road, Dundalk continued today, angering motorists and residents in the area.

The above photo shows the traffic on the Dublin Road at lunchtime today. At this point, traffic was tailing back from Teagasc(just past the Louth County Hospital) the whole way down to Ladywell Shrine.

There have been ongoing road works on the Dublin Road over the past number of months, with both Virgin Media and Irish Water disrupting traffic during this time.

Locals have taken to social media to complain about the situation.

One woman expressed her frustration at the situation, commenting on Facebook that she was "So sick of this up to ten times a day trying to get back up the Mullaharlin road to my home school runs, appointments everything always late"

Another local commented that "it's a joke going on these months!"

The traffic tailbacks have been ongoing this week, one motorist saying yesterday that she "sat in it today going in and then went home a different road, was ridiculous, the traffic in it earlier backed up from Meehans to lady well".

The traffic chaos is set to continue into next week, with news that Irish Water will be putting traffic management in place on 1 February, due to new connection work that are to take place.