Missing the ploughing? We are ploughing on regardless in Dundalk this week!

KP Diggin


KP Diggin

Missing the ploughing? We are ploughing on regardless!

Missing the ploughing? We are ploughing on regardless!!

The National Ploughing Championships is just one of many events that has been cancelled due to Covid-19 in 2020, leaving over 300,000 at a loose end this week. 

However, if you are one of those thousands of people suffering from FOMP (Fear Of Missing Ploughing), sit back and relax as we are ploughing on regardless. 

Over the next three days we will bring you a mix of the historic, the hilarious, the landmark, the memorable, unforgettable and crazier things that have happened at the ploughing down through the years.

Our team of intrepid reporters will be virtually there on site bringing you the best of everything that’s happened over the last number of years and even further back in the annals of ploughing history in a truly unmissable and unique virtual event!

So for all your ploughing needs in 2020, instead of the site in Carlow, make us your destination and be sure to check back regularly at our dedicated Plough2020 section on the website which you can find HERE.