Stunning Photographic Book on the Cooley Peninsulawas seven years in the making

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Clogherhead native Damien Wogan is launching his stunning new photographic book entitled ‘The Cooley Peninsula – A Photographic Journey’, the culmination of 7 years work this weekend

Clogherhead native Damien Wogan is launching his stunning new photographic book entitled ‘The Cooley Peninsula – A Photographic Journey’, the culmination of 7 years work this weekend

“The photographs in this book are a product of work completed over the past 7 years, many early rises and late evenings were spent on the Cooley Peninsula to produce the images. Many family trips were taken to scout possible photo opportunites so not only do I know the region well but my wife and three kids do also!”

For Damien the decision to make a photographic study of the Peninsula was very natural.

“It was simple really - I see the Cooley Peninsula every day from where I live and for me it is one the most scenic places in Ireland and also one of best kept secrets, so the seed was planted along time ago and over the years it only grew’. 

“It is the most prominent natural feature in the landscape in the north east and can be seen clearly from as far away as Wicklow and from many counties in north Leinster and further afield. It has everything for the landscape photographer - Mountains, Valleys, Forests and a rugged coastline’.

According to Damien it was his love of books that prompted him to release his collection in book form,

“I love the touch and feel of a book and in particular photography books.

So, when I visit somewhere I always keep an eye out for the local photography book.  Ireland has so many beautiful places to visit and the Cooley Peninsula is one of them and we are lucky to have it so close to us.

When you travel throughout Ireland, in particular to the south and the west and among the National Parks you will find a number of photography books available but before now there was no dedicated book high-lighting the natural beauty of the Cooley Peninsula or the north east for that matter.’

“There is a permanence to a photography book and I hope that people will enjoy it and perhaps it will help highlight the natural beauty of the region.

I wanted a product that would last the test of time and would be something people can enjoy for many years to come and so I am very pleased with the quality of the finished book. It has lived up to my expectations’.

A full colour book with stunning images throughout, for Damien capturing the natural essence of the area was paramount,

“Something I like to say about my work is that ‘what you see is what you get’. These images are straight from the camera, nothing is added or taken away.

Only the aesthetics of an image are changed such as colour or saturation but essentially if you are standing beside me at that exact moment I release the camera shutter you will get the same image.’

For Damien all the effort involved in creating this book has been worth it,

“It has been a long process to get the book into print and one I have enjoyed thoroughly.

The feedback I’ve received so far has made the many early rises and late evening trips to the region worthwhile.

The local people are very warm and welcoming and I’ve been invited in for tea and scones on a number occasions. I haven’t refused one of these offers yet!”

“I have many favourite images but the picture on the front cover stands out because of the difficulties involved in getting it. It was taken in 2010 during the cold spell where the Cooley Peninsula became a winter wonderland. The light lasted a matter of seconds before it disappeared behind the clouds for the rest of the day’.

“It was a perfect example of being in the right place at the right time and was as close to the image I had envisioned I would make beforehand as I could have wished for’. 

“However, the sunrise image from atop Slieve Foye probably involved the highest degree of difficulty as it involved a number of trips to the peak to the get the right light. I have been atop Slieve Foye many times but for this image it took 3 separate attempts before I was happy enough with the result’.

Damien will launch his book ‘The Cooley Peninsula – A Photographic Journey’ this Saturday 30th Nov in Saint Brigids Hall, main street Dunleer (beside Centra) between 6-8pm. The event is open to the public and all are welcome.

There will be freebies on the night and the book is available for 29.95 euro. Framed prints will also be available to purchase on the night.

The book can also be purchased on line at, also in one of 2 locations in Dundalk - Carrolls newsagents in the Long Walk shopping centre and in Carrolls bookshop on Park Street. Prints can also be purchased on-line or visit