Last chance to send your Dundalk grandparents a special message during Covid-19

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Send the Leinster Express your message and photo to grandparents for publication

Send the Dundalk Democrat your message and photo to grandparents for publication

Sneaky treats, hugs and tickles. It’s the simplest of pleasures that bond grandparents with their grandchildren but they have all been denied during the lockdown.  

Next week, the over-70s will get a bit of a reprieve when visits to their homes will be permitted for a short period of time by no more than a few people. It is some light at the end of the tunnel.  

For some families, this will mean seeing their loved ones face to face for the first time in a while but for others, it will still mean living family live at a distance depending on your circumstances.

After our hugely successful campaign to send messages and photos to grandparents earlier in the lockdown, we have once again been looking for your messages, letters, emails and pics to your grandparents - it could be to tell them how much you've missed them, to show them how long your hair has grown, or warn them that you've become a chess master during lockdown and you'll never lose a game to them again - we want to hear it all. 

But this is the last call - we need your submissions by this Friday morning 10am at the latest!

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