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BREAKING: National Pen in Dundalk 'implementing short-term temporary layoffs'


David Lynch


David Lynch

'Restructure' at National Pen in Dundalk to impact employees

'Restructure' at National Pen in Dundalk to impact employees

Dundalk-based company National Pen has revealed that they will be "implementing short-term temporary layoffs" due to the Covid-19 outbreak. 

The company said the layoffs are regrettable and will impact 94 Contact Centre employees.

The statement reads: 

National Pen we will be rolling out a set of contingency plans to ensure the business is protected against the disruption to markets caused by the current global outbreak of coronavirus. 

The company’s Dundalk based Contact Centre has seen an inevitable downturn across European markets as governments across the continent continue to introduce stringent measures to combat the spread of the disease including the cancellation of events, the closure of schools and other public buildings, restriction of travel and in a growing number of cases, regional lockdowns. As part of contingency plans designed to secure the company’s long-term future, National Pen will be implementing short-term temporary layoffs. These layoffs are regrettable and will impact 94 Contact Centre employees.

Of the decision, National Pen President & CEO Peter Kelly said: “It is our duty and responsibility to be realistic in our assessment of the inevitable impacts of the Coronavirus Crisis and take calm, pragmatic and decisive actions to ensure our organization has the strength and longevity to weather the current period of disruption…

"After a realistic and honest analysis of our current situation, it became apparent that although regrettable, short-term temporary layoffs are a necessary protective measure to shield the business and minimize long-term risks, and it is important to remember that these layoffs are temporary. Although difficult times lie ahead, National Pen is prepared and in control and we continue to monitor and respond to the current crisis in a measured and considered fashion with a focus on the long-term. These are stressful and disruptive times, but these times will pass and National Pen will persevere, endure and emerge strongly positioned for continued expansion and success.”

National Pen is committed to fully supporting all employees who have been affected by this decision.

The company will not be providing further comment at this time.