Daft.ie Rental Price Report

Rents continue to climb higher in Louth

Daft.ie Rental Price Report Q4 2019

Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

Rents continue to climb higher in Louth

Rent continues to climb higher in Louth

Rents in Louth continue to climb higher and remain more than double what they were at their lowest during the recession, according to the Daft.ie Rental Price Report for the final quarter of 2019, released yesterday.

The average listed rent in Louth in the final quarter was €1,237 per month, 3.3% higher than a year previously, up 103% from its lowest point.

Compared to the previous quarter in 2019 it increased by just €1 per month, but this went against the national trend which saw a marginal decrease in the final quarter of 2019.

A snapshot of the latest rent prices in Louth is now as follows:

  • One bedroom apartment - €905 - up 6.9% (annual change)
  • Two bedroom house - €1,030 - up 3.8%
  • Three bedroom house - €1,190 - up 3.0%
  • Four bedroom house - €1,303 - up 3.4%
  • Five bedroom house - €1,406 - up 1.7%

In terms of rental supply in Louth, taking a snapshot of properties available to rent on Daft.ie on Wednesday February 5, there are currently 104 homes to rent in a county with a population of 128,884.