Architectural Spaces open design studio to Louth homeowners and professionals

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



Architectural Spaces open design studio to Louth homeowners and professionals

Architectural Spaces, located in Creative Spark Dundalk, is opening their new design studio to creative homeowners and professionals. The Design studio consists of over two hundred of the latest sample books from top design houses such as Designer Guild, Osborne & Little, Anthology, Harlequin and many more.

Our library is contemporary, new and extensive, showing the very latest designs in fabrics for curtains and blinds, rugs, lights, wallpaper, paint samples and more. It houses the latest and freshest designs from shows in Paris and London, all hand-
picked and selected by our design team.

Homeowners can book a consultation online with one of our in-house designers to create personalised schemes and finishes for your own design project, this individual service is by appointment only,

Designers, Engineers, Architects and other interested professionals can become a member of our design library by simply signing up online. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional you can avail of an exclusive discount on finishes with express ordering when purchasing through us.

Gráinne O’Neill established Architectural spaces in 2001 in Galway and they are now one of the leading design companies in the west of Ireland. Since then this brilliantly creative and highly sought-after team have designed and worked on many prestigious residential and commercial projects, specializing in private homes and renowned establishments.

“We are looking forward to working on new and challenging projects that are bold, exciting and demand our accumulative experience, skills and dedication. As Interior Designers we found it virtually impossible to find a Finishes Library that was contemporary, accessible and housed everything we needed under one roof.

"As a result, we found ourselves spending almost more time with suppliers than with our clients or on site. Therefore, we established our design library where everything we required was to hand and kept up to date and fresh”.

For more information visit our website to check out some of the stunning projects we have worked on www.architecturalspaces.com/ or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest Architectural Spaces Design.