Counterfeit notes

Dundalk shoppers and business owners warned against counterfeit €50 notes

Number of counterfeit notes handed over in shops in Dundalk in recent days

Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

Dundalk shoppers and business owners warned against counterfeit €50 notes

The €50 note on the left is counterfeit

Shoppers and shop owners alike, have been warned to watch out for counterfeit €50 notes that are passing hands in Dundalk in the past number of days.

The notes look quite authentic but on close examination, it can be seen that the notes are fake.

In the image at the top of this article, the note on the left is fake, while the one on the right is real. Things to watch out for on real notes are the braille marks that are absent on the fake notes.

In the above image, the top note fake, while the bottom is real. As can be seen, the detail in the imagery in the fake, is not the same as in the original. There seems to also be a slight difference in the colour on the numbers on the notes. 

When the notes are held to the light, it is possible to see that the watermark is not the same. The metal strip also looks to be printed on, on the fake note.

The above is another image of a fake note. While it might not always be apparent at first glance, both shoppers and shopkeepers are advised to keep a close eye open in upcoming days.

  • Watch out for the watermark
  • Check crumpled notes closely
  • Check all security features closely
  • Check the metal strip