Create the Great in You helps young adults in Louth and beyond

A journey of self-development and critical thinking.

Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

Create the Great in You helps young adults in Louth and beyond

Statsports MD Paul McKernan, Mark McCormack, Simon Ryan and Barry Watters, Head of Sports Science at Statsports

Feeling a little different to others in his community when growing up, and the belief a mentor may have made during this time, were among the driving factors that encouraged Mark McCormack to start Create the Great in You.

Create the Great in You provides workshops and tailor made programmes aimed at young people who are entering adult life.

The team of mentors introduce the mentees to ‘3 C Thinking’.

‘3 C Thinking’ is where the group begin a journey of self-development and critical thinking. Individuals are introduced to Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.

The programmes are undertaken by young people with the aid of mentors.

“Our mentors are quite unique”, says Mark, talking to The Dundalk Democrat. “They all have different skills. We have a magician, I’m a social care worker, there’s a poet - but the idea of it all is to get them talking about what ever they want to talk about.

Above: John Lonergan, Dr Bernadette Brereton, Dr Kevin Howard, Mark Mc Cormack

“We just introduce them to the ‘3 C Thinking’. There are a number of different programmes people can take - we tailor them to suit the school,”Mark continues.

The group learns new skills, both practical and interpersonal, which can be applied to daily life at home/school or within the community they serve.

The aim of the programme is to better equip participants with the skills which they can apply to their daily life within the community.

As Mark says, “The real idea of it is, to get young people talking, we put them in groups, split them up from their comfort zones, we challenge them.

“By the end of the programme they tell us their confidence is through the roof, their self awareness. It’s a building of emotional intelligence”

Create the Great in You were one of the guest speakers recently at a session hosted by Newry Junior Chamber.

Above: Paul Callan, Mark McCormack and Simon Ryan

The event was held at Statsports head office in Newry where Mark McCormack spoke about his vision to work with young people in schools/third level education and adults in communities and corporations.

Simon Ryan performed an authentic magic workshop for the guests of the Newry Junior Chamber. The event was sponsored by IFS Global Logistics.

Paul McKernan, Managing Director at Statsports, shared his story of success in an ever expanding company.

Barry Watters, a native of Cavan and now Head of Sports Science at Statsports, spoke of his background in playing GAA at county level to now progressing to the position with the giant tech company, who specialise in performance athlete sportswear.

Darren Mullen from Newry Athletic Football Club shared the story of his success within the club and the passion and belief he has for his team.

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