Diabetes Department of Louth Hospitals

Public meeting on challenges of Type 1 diabetes in Dundalk this month

Pro Cyclist Stephen Clancy from Team Novo Nordisk guest speaker

Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

Public meeting on challenges of Type 1 diabetes in Dundalk this month

Public meeting on challenges of Type 1 diabetes in Dundalk this month

Are you living with Type 1 diabetes? Do you know someone who has Type 1 Diabetes?

The Diabetes Department of Louth Hospitals are holding a public meeting in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dundalk, on Wednesday, September 26, at 7:30pm with guest speaker Mr. Stephen Clancy.

Stephen was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 19, and now cycles with Team Novo Nordisk, the world’s first all-diabetes professional cycling team, he was former recipient of Cycling Ireland’s “Domestic Rider of the Year” award.

Following his diagnosis, Stephen was told by his doctor that his diabetes management could be affected by extreme levels of exercise.

He recalls: “the first thing I thought about when I was diagnosed was whether or not I could still cycle.

“I was advised just to cycle a mile at a time, so I certainly wasn’t too optimistic about my future on two wheels.”

However, within six months of his diagnosis, Stephen had joined Team Novo Nordisk and since then has forged a career for himself in cycling.

He states that his training routines and race days are different since his diagnosis, but does not see his diabetes as a hurdle that stops him from performing at his best.

“Having diabetes just means I now have one extra thing I have to think about while racing,” he says.

“It’s certainly not impossible. I like to see these changes as challenges that can be overcome rather than barriers.”

Type 1 diabetes usually occurs in children and young people and requires insulin therapy to control blood sugar levels. While diabetes is a lifelong condition that needs intensive management, young people with Type 1 diabetes can still go on and achieve their goals.

Being engaged and motivated to look after their diabetes is key – and it's this which really drives Team Novo Nordisk, whose aim is to ‘inspire, educate and empower’ people affected by diabetes – and not just the ones with dreams of becoming pro athletes.

Type 1 diabetes is far less common than Type 2. People with the Type 1 condition make up 10% of all people with diabetes.

If you have Type 1 diabetes, you will need to take insulin injections for life. You must also make sure that your blood glucose levels stay balanced by eating a healthy diet and carrying out regular blood tests.

If you, or someone you know, are living with Type 1 diabetes, head along to the Crowne Plaza Hotel on the night, to learn more.