Louth sees increase in job vacancies

IrishJobs.ie Jobs Index

Donard McCabe


Donard McCabe

Louth sees increase in job vacancies

Louth sees increase in job vacancies according to the 2018 IrishJobs.ie Jobs Index

Louth has outperformed other border counties in job vacancy figures over the past 12 months, according to the IrishJobs.ie Jobs Index, which was released last week.

While nationally, job vacancies have increased by 7% year on year, Louth has seen a 9% increase in the job vacancies in the past 12 months and a 4% increase in the last quarter.

Monaghan has also seen an increase in job vacanices, with an even bigger 21% increase in the past 12 months and a 10% increase in the past quarter.

This increase however is not replicated in other border counties, with Cavan seeing a fall of 29% and Leitrim seeing a fall of 19% in job vacancies over the past year.

The IrishJobs.ie Jobs Index also uses an indicator to “provide an insight into the relative importance of the number of vacancies across locations”, according to the jobs website.

The indicator, called the “job vacancy rate” is the official indicator used by Eurostat and it measures the proportion of total positions that are vacant in a given location, expressed as a proportion of total employment in that location combined with job vacancies.

Louth had a job vacancy rate of 85.6% in Q2 2018, marginally higher than the rate in Q2 2017.

For perspective, the highest rates in Q2 2018 were in Dublin and Carlow at 95.7% and 92.4% respectively.

The lowest rates were in Cavan and Donegal with figures of 69.1% and 75.3% respectively.

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