Aoife Heffron's top tips for stress-free holidays this summer

From packing to airports and passports, there's a lot to organise before you jet off

Aoife Heffron


Aoife Heffron



Aoife Heffron's top tips for stress-free holidays this summer

Remember to pack all the essentials for your trip

Every time I go to the airport I am always baffled by the number of people who simply do not know how to navigate, dress and prepare/pack for the airport section of their trip.

In keeping with the theme of my last two columns, I’m going to offer some helpful airport tips for a smooth, stress-free start to your holiday.

Aoife Heffron was the Louth Rose last year 

People always seem to get bogged down about what to wear to the airport, but my advice is very simple on this, keep it comfortable. Regardless if you are preparing for a long haul or short 45-minute flight across the water, opt for comfort over anything else.

Footwear, stick to something that you can easily slip on and off.

If flying from Dublin, you may not have to remove your shoes, but just in case, avoid anything with tricky straps or multiple laces and ladies forgo the heels.

Remember that airplanes get cold so bring a jacket or a scarf that can double up as a blanket.

A top tip for any of you who are a cold creature like me, bring a pair of cosy slipper socks for the plane. Pop off those shoes once you’re buckled in and get those slipper socks on to keep you warm. They also help avoid the dreaded cankle swelling.

Aerlingus and Ryanair (almost every airline) allow you to take on a hand luggage suitcase and a personal item. A personal item can be a handbag, small rucksack, suit bag or laptop bag. Use this allowance to optimise packing.

Ryanair still allow you to bring a hand luggage bag, but will tag it and put it in the hold when boarding if you haven’t opted for Priority Boarding.

A hand luggage packing tip I stick to is to place all of my clothing on the left-hand side of the case and use the right side for my electronics, shoes and makeup bag. If you are stuck for space, you can take your straighteners etc through in your handbag, just remember to take them out of your bag and into the bag bin at security.

On Security, you are NOT allowed to bring any liquids over 100ml through.

You are NOT allowed to bring bottled water, even sealed through. Baby bottles are allowed, but check each airline for their regulations.

Have all of your liquid toiletries in ONE SEALED clear bag, sized 8”X7”. Yes there are sizing rules now. I was caught out by this and ended up having to throw some of my precious products away.

I take extra bags at the airport so I can use them for my next trip, but you can also by a pack of travel bags for €2 in EuroGiant or use sandwich bags that adhere to the sizing specifications.

Instead of standing in the airport checking your bags for that bottle of perfume or gel you fired in in a last minute packing panic, or getting stopped at security because you forgot this crucial step completely, have it done before you leave for the airport.

Put your clear toiletry bag in an easy to reach section of your bag. It’s a time and stress saver, trust me.

Have your airlines app downloaded on your phone. Check in before getting to the airport and have you boarding pass downloaded so you can head straight to security and scan yourself in. Just have it charged fully.

Hope these help alleviate some airport stressers. Happy Holidaying!