Radio DJ Ian Dempsey bonds with Louth lad Tom over love of Bowie

Tom (aged 8) was sent a massive box of records by the broadcaster

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Radio DJ Ian Dempsey bonds with Tom over love of Bowie

Tom Cassidy-McCreesh aged 8 with his records he received from Ian Dempsey

Staff at local record shop Classified Records were chuffed to get a recommendation from a young music fan on Today FM last Tuesday.

The mention came from 8-year-old Tom Cassidy-McCreesh, from Collon, who called into the Dundalk music store last week with his mum Siobhan to buy his first records.

Classified Records owner Neil Waters said: “We’re all about the sense of adventure and we had a new customer in here last week. Tom called in with his mum Siobhan to buy his first ever record. His choices were Jimi Hendrix live at Woodstock and Bowie’s ‘Low’. He’s got pretty good taste for a young one!

The note Tom received from Ian Dempsey 

“He was on the Ian Dempsey show sharing his experience and his love of blues-based guitar rock. Welcome to fold, wee Tom, you’ve got a life full of music ahead of you.”

Tom’s mum, Siobhan Cassidy-McCreesh told how she had sent a text to Ian Dempsey last week to let him know that her eight-year-old son was Bowie mad.

She said: “I always listen to Ian in the mornings and I know he’s a massive Bowie head, so I just thought I would send a text to tell him about Tom buying the Low album.

“I also told him how Tom had saved his communion money so that he could go to Liverpool to do the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour.

“Today FM got back to me saying that Ian Dempsey was blown away by the text and asked if Tom would come on air and have a chat.

“It was a very cute conversation, Tom was telling Ian how much he loved Bowie and he was telling Tom to keep the interest in music.”

And just two days later music mad Tom, got another surprise - a massive parcel of David Bowie and Paul McCartney records arrived at the family’s door with a handwritten note from radio DJ Ian.

Tom made another appearance on the Ian Dempsey show on last week after Siobhan sent a message to Ian to thank him for the gift and was introduced by Dempsey as “ the coolest boy in Ireland”.

Taking it all in his stride Tom told The Dundalk Democrat he has already listened to “most of the records” sent out in the post.

So what's next on the list? Tom tells us: "Myself and mammy might be going to David Byrne in the 3Arena soon."