Louth boy rushed to A&E after jellyfish sting

Painful sting

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter


Louth boy rushed to A&E after jellyfish sting

Picture of the jellyfish which stung the Louth boy

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A Louth boy was rushed to hospital on Sunday after he was stung by a jellyfish at Port Beach in Co Louth.

The boy's mother Mel Englishby took to Facebook on Monday to tell the story.

According to Mel, the jellyfish's tentacles stuck to the boy's arm and also around his back and legs.

"(He) had to be rushed straight to A&E", explained Mel. "Be careful when at the beach with your kids, a sting from these is awful!"

"He’s fine today thank god, but when it happened he couldn’t breathe and was vomiting, couldn’t feel one of his legs. The sting went through his body! He was in excruciating pain, poor chap said will never swim in the sea again."

The jellyfish in questions appears to be a Lion's Mane which are known for their painful sting.