'Mystery' ship off Dundalk Bay sparks debate online


David Lynch


David Lynch

'Mystery' ship off Dundalk Bay causes debate online

'Mystery' ship Comet off Dundalk Bay causes debate online

For the past five days a large cargo ship has been positioned off Dundalk Bay - and locals are questioning what exactly is going on.

The ship - Comet - has stirred up plenty of debate, with many suggestions as to what is going on being put forward.

According to, the ship was supposed to dock on June 14th - five days ago, having left Warrenpoint.

But has remained in the same position for that period of time.

Theories as to what is going on have ranged from the spectacular - pirates, to the more mundane - awaiting the tide level to rise before entering the port.

Some have also suggested the ship is too big to dock in Dundalk.

"Looking on the map, it looks like she left Greenore or Warrenpoint and was sitting at the mouth of Carlingford Lough waiting on an order", stated one online commentator. "Probably moved into the bay for more shelter."