Rents in Dundalk close to €1,000 in 2018

The latest figures have been released by the Residential Tenancies Board

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


Rents continue to rise across the country and in Dundalk and Louth it's no different, with the average rent in the county standing at €966 in the first four months of 2018 - up by €82 year-on-year.

New figures from the Residential Tenancies Board's Rent Index show that rents rose from €884 on average across the county this time last year to €966 now, representating a 9.3% increase in 12 months. 

€966 represents a 2.9% increase, quarter-on-quarter. 

In the greater Dundalk and North Louth area, the average rent now stands at €915.13. The Rent Index report breaks that down into electoral area, with the Dundalk South rent average sitting at almost €1,000 - exactly €987.18. The average rent in the Dundalk Carlingford area is lower at €843.08

Rents are higher in Ardee, according to the report, at €866.11. All three above figures however are lower than the national average - an average bumped up considerably by larger urban centres and satellite areas, predominately in the greater Dublin area.