35 Criminal Assets Bureau probes carried out in Louth

Drugs and smuggling are the most prevalant areas that lead to CAB investigations in Louth

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


35 Criminal Assets Bureau probes carried out in Louth

Criminal Assets Bureau activity in Louth has been outlined.

The Criminal Assets Bureau have conducted 35 investigations against criminals in Louth, it has been revealed.

The Bureau’s Chief Officer Patrick Clavin told local councillors, Gardai and community representatives at the recent Joint Policing Committee that CAB have conducted 25 full investigations and 10 preliminary investigations against targets in the Louth Garda Division.

Clavin confirmed that criminals involved in drug activity make up 33% of their main targets in Louth, with smuggling accounting for 25% and burglary for 8%.

He described smuggling as “unique to this part of the country.” Nationally, drugs and burglaries make up the main targets of the Bureau. Only Dublin and Limerick has seen more investigations undertaken than Louth, according to figures provided by the Bureau. 

However, Clavin said, "There are probably four individual Garda divisions in Dublin along that would be higher than Louth."

“The standard to become a target of CAB is quite high,” he added.

“There isn’t a pressure on us to go for value. Some cases probably cost us money. Once it meets our legal criteria, we go for it.”

There are seven trained criminal asset profilers currently operating in Louth.

Anyone who suspects criminal targets may be living off the assets of crime can contact the Criminal Assets Bureau anonymously to give a tip.CAB say they only require tips from the public, not official statements. They can be contacted on 01 666 3266 or via e-mail on