Applicants urged to get ‘so important’ forms returned

The council says their allocation of new builds could be reduced

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


Applicants urged to get ‘so important’ forms returned

County Hall in Dundalk

Social housing applicants still have time to return assessment forms to Louth County Council - or risk losing their place in the queue for a home.

Despite the local authority asking for forms to be returned by April 13th last, Director of Services Joe McGuinness revealed last week that the national closing date for return of applications is June 11th.

“It is so, so important. If they don’t respond, they’ll be knocked off the social housing list,” he said.

“It also affects the allocation we get for builds in subsequent years. Our housing list reduces and the targets we are given is reduced. It’s no use putting them back on the list - because the target is reduced.”

McGuinness has asked all sitting councillors to encourage all social housing applicants to return the forms. He revealed the local authority will send out a follow up letter to those who have yet to respond. 

"Tell the parents to tell the youngsters to return their forms," he said at last week's Louth County Council meeting. 

The social housing needs assessment is a requisite for anyone who qualified for the social housing list before 21st April 2017.