Spending on public toilets is ‘outrageous’ says Cllr

“The amount of money being used to fund toilets is outrageous enough already”.

Barry Landy


Barry Landy



Spending on public toilets is ‘outrageous’ says Cllr

Campbell says the local authority should not be responsible for providing public toilets

Louth County Council should not be spending large amounts of money on the provision of toilets in the county, according to Sinn Féin councillor Anne Campbell.

In response to a motion by Drogheda representative Frank Godfrey calling on the local authority to provide more toilets at large graveyards in the county, Campbell made her feelings on the matter known.

“I have supported other motions from Cllr. Godfrey over the past number of months, but it was not possible to support this one,” she said.

“I pointed out that the council spent €265,000 last year on providing toilets in 15 locations in the county, which I think is an extraordinary amount of money.”

The councillor also revealed that late last year she received confirmation that the council were not obliged by law to provide toilets anywhere - bar Blue Flag beaches.

“At Monday's meeting, I said the council should be shutting down toilets, not opening them. While money remains a fraught issue for the council, every cent counts,” she added.

“The amount of money being used to fund toilets in the county is outrageous enough already”.