Double whammy for Catherine Allison and Co. Solicitors 

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Double whammy for Catherine Allison and Co. Solicitors 

Double whammy for Catherine Allison and Co. Solicitors 

Catherine Allison & Co like to congratulate their long-standing member of staff, Letitia Grace, on becoming the only Senior Legal Executive in Ireland based on her practical experience and her Legal Executive qualifications.

Letitia obtained a Diploma in Legal Studies with distinction in 2004. 

At that time she also qualified as a Legal Executive with the Irish Institute of Legal Executives and has held a practising certificate since 2004. In 2007 Letitia obtained a Diploma in Family Law accredited by the Law Society and recently in November 2017 she was appointed a Commissioner for Oaths for County
Louth by the Supreme Court.

Letitia joined Catherine Allison & Co some seventeen years ago and almost  exclusively practices in Family Law handling separation and divorce, which you can imagine, is a stressful time for the parties involved. Letitia treats her clients with the utmost respect, consideration and compassion, but most of all, 
practicality and aims to deal with matters as quicklyand as amicably as possible, thereby enabling people to move on with their lives.

The second whammy is Catherine Allison is now also a qualified Personal Insolvency Practitioner and she has recently received a PIP licence in March 2018 from theInsolvency Service of Ireland. Catherine has been carrying out insolvency work for over twenty years, originally in London and in the last fifteen years in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Catherine also currently holds a diploma in Personal Insolvency Law awarded by the Law Society in December 2013. In September 2016, Catherine was appointed the duty solicitor at the Repossession Court under the new Government “Abhaile” Home Mortgage Arrears Legal Aid Scheme for Dundalk and Monaghan and handles large volumes of PIA Appeals to the Circuit Court where the insolvency arrangement involves the primary principal residence.

Catherine goes above and beyond the call of duty to help distressed individual borrowers and business people to help debtors get back to solvency, and in particular, to save their family home and primary principal residence where possible. Catherine confirms that ongoing repossessions in County Louth are continuing at an alarming rate and there can be up to fifty cases in the court list at a time and there is no end in sight to the court lists as banks such as Permanent TSB and Ulster Bank now are reported to be selling more loans to the so-called “Vulture Funds”. The government scheme, she feels, is alifeline for people.

If your home is in negative equity, or you are drowning in debt, Catherine is renowned as the woman to sort you out and get your life back on track and back to solvency. If your home is valued at €100,000 and you have a mortgage of €200,000, we have a great chance to have it written down to market value (i.e. €100,000 knocked off the loan so it is affordable) in a Court Insolvency Arrangement under the new appeal system.

Legal Aid is usually available for such PIA appeals. Catherine Allison & Company are this year celebrating 18 years of business in Dundalk. Since opening its doors in April 2000 with just 

Catherine and one secretary the practice has grown from strength to strength. We have an exceptionally strongand proven legal team who are backed by very experienced support staff including own, in house, fully qualified accountant. We undertake all areas of legal practice, excluding only Criminal Law. We are also the only practice in County Louth to practice in all the jurisdictions of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales, which helps to widen our client base.

Once again Catherine wishes to congratulate Letitia on her recent appointment as the only Senior Legal Executive in Ireland and wishes her continued success in her career with the company. Catherine has become one of the leading figures in the locality supporting many local businesses and charities.

She would like to thank her clients or their continued support, trust and confidence over the last 18 years saying it’s always a privilege to do business with the people of Dundalk and 
surrounding areas and says that she will continue to do all she can to ensure that whoever enters her office, for whatever reason, will be happy with the excellent, professional service.